Ford Park Cemetery Trust
Cemetery of Choice

"A Working Cemetery in the Heart of Plymouth"

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Memorialisation 1The Trust aims to give the widest choice as to how families remember their loved ones.

Memorial Garden
The Trust has created a walled garden where ashes may be scattered and where it is possible for families to erect a memorial plaque to their loved ones.

Tree Memorialisation
An existing tree may be memorialised.

Memorial Benches
A range of memorial benches is available. We have dedicated sites for benches. Please discuss with our office.

Rose garden      We have a beautiful rose garden in front of the chapel and office. A plaque with a short dedication can be placed by the rose.

Book of Remembrance
This is on display in the Chapel, the appropriate page being turned each day. The calligraphy and artwork is of a very high standard.

Current prices for all forms of memorialisation may be obtained from the Cemetery Office.